The Saga Continues…

April 2, 2017


After the trauma of breaking my ankle the day before (see the previous episode: “An April Fools Day Whoops”)  I sleep well, despite the usual noise of a hospital.  I’m glad my surgery is first thing on Sunday morning because I’m hungry! (But of course!) Isn’t it amazing that the surgeon works on Sunday morning?!  The surgeon soon arrives and describes that he is going to put a metal plate and screws on each side of my ankle, because the ankle bones on each side of my foot are broken from the tibia and fibula. I don’t quite catch what is to happen with the third break-something regarding the “distal” position…


OK, fine…let’s get this over with.

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April Fool’s Day Whoops……

April 1, 2017


Well, I’m falling back on my promise to update by going back to spring, 2016.  Geez, what a non-blogger I’ve turned out to be! I think you may just have to put up with my intermittent posts, and jumping around with the dates…  Send me your comments if my time-line gets too confusing.  So, as you can see from the date at the top, this post is from April, 2017.  You’ll see why I thought I should add this post now.

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I’m Baaaaak!

January 18, 2017


Reports of my demise as a blogger are exaggerated, although not by much!  I am well and back on the road!  Yea!

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