Quartzsite Ho! Part II

January 28, 2016



The campsite was called Boomerville. Finally, I had arrived, tired but relieved. After turning at the Boomerville sign and driving about a quarter of a mile I saw a few motorhomes on the right, so I pulled over.


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Quartzsite Ho!

January 18, 2016 



The first major stop on my trip was Quartzsite, Arizona, the town in Arizona’s southwest desert of about 3500 people that mushrooms into almost a million in the winter.

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Off!! Like a herd of turtles!

Sunday, January 17, 2016



Off!!  Like a herd of turtles!


After months of planning, research and finally wrenching myself away from duties at home in Albuquerque, I hit the road, bound for Quartzsite, Arizona.

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