Ugh! Food Poisoning

January 27, 2016


Each afternoon we experience a fun “happy hour” activity. Yesterday was a wine tasting with lots of delicious appetizers. Mmmmm! We all chatted, compared stories, experiences. “Old Timers” were glad to welcome us “Newcomers.”


 I fell asleep a happy camper, full of food and good times. Then about 2am, I woke up not feeling very well at all. I got up and visited the bathroom, and went back to bed, trying to sleep. Sleep was not to be had—not at all. So I relied on my mother’s old practical advice—I went to the kitchen and got a 2 quart pan and snuggled it close to me as I got back into bed, hoping to ward off the impending nausea. It’s funny about throwing up—the agony of anticipation is much worse than the aftermath. The aftermath is relief, at least for a while. Then the cycle starts again. So went the night. By the next morning, I was totally exhausted and wretched out. Eating was out of the question, needless to say! So the day was spent lounging around, trying to get comfortable. It’s strange to totally lose a day, sleeping and tossing around uncomfortably.


Things are much better today. I woke up feeling almost normal. Still not hungry, I realize that it would be smart to try to eat something. I ate my regular breakfast—a toasted peanut butter sandwich and half of my protein drink. Not the best plan, as I immediately started to feel queasy again. Luckily, the queasiness only resulted in discomfort, but it has lasted the entire day. So again today, the day was lost.


Because my television uses so much battery power, I must run the generator after just about an hour of distraction. The channel selection is pathetic—some old comedies that today were not funny. Others made me smile because they were so silly. I was desperate—so I watched hour after hour. Finally tonight I found the PBS Evening News—ahh—the world was still here! Now it’s NOVA with a documentation of the devastating earthquake in Napal. Heart wrentching, listening to the narrator announcing that the biggest tectonic shift is yet to happen, and would be even more destructive. And I worry about feeling queasy….get real, Girl!


 On that note, I feel like getting some sleep—as if I really need more sleep. Tomorrow will be a better day.


PS. “tomorrow” was definitely a better day–they always are.  I was fine and just glad that my brush with food poisoning wasn’t lengthy.



  1. Susan Browne
    Apr 2, 2016

    Rhonda, I found your blog. It’s totally YOU! I love the way your mind works. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning — not something you want on the road or anywhere. You’re a tough lady and made it go away all by yourself.

    I’ll keep checking in when I can. When will you be returning to ABQ? Love you, Sue

  2. Beverly Storck
    Apr 9, 2016

    Keep some ginger ale on hand for tummy troubles… Love your nurse friend 🙂

    • Rhonda
      Apr 9, 2016

      Thanks, Bev! I did have some Diet 7Up, but I don’t think it had any ginger in it. I hope there’s not a next time for a LONG time!

      • Lucy
        Apr 11, 2016

        In cases like those you need to increase your fluid intake ( plain water, please ) don’t get dehydrated or you’ll be feeling worse. Pedialite also helps @ lot.

        • Rhonda
          Apr 11, 2016

          You are so right, Lucy. I drank as much as my tummy would allow starting as soon after the “action” was over!

      • Jeanne
        Apr 15, 2016

        I am so glad to see you are out there living it up! I love it. We sure miss you at Casual Critique, but this is your time now…you go girl!

        • Rhonda
          Apr 16, 2016

          Thanks so much Jeanne! Like I said: it’s now or never! You should get an RV–you’d love it!

    • Psychologistmimi
      Jan 7, 2020

      Food poisoning is the worse thing … i tend to get it once a year

  3. Barry Schwartz
    Apr 15, 2016

    Glad to hear you are doing well Rhonda. We are trying to keep things rooty tootin for the ELCC in your absence. / Barry

    • Rhonda
      Apr 16, 2016

      Hi Barry! Thanks for reading. I AM doing well, although I miss my friends at ELCC!

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